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Shape of Tea Bowl

The tea bowls of tea ceremony are quite unique. It is categorized as cups such as tea or coffee cup, or ramen bowl to suck tea or soup. But the roles of the tea bowl are not only a container of matcha tea but also one of equipment for making matcha tea.

Which is the best to drink?
cup, cup, cup

Making each matcha tea in each tea bowl

As you know, matcha tea is made in tea bowl. Quantity of matcha powder and water, and water temperature affect the taste. Also the shape of tea bowls influence the taste, because shape of tea whisk is uniform.

Which cup does fit the tea whisk?
tea whisk

The purpose is making and serving tasty matcha tea for your guests

Shape, material, thickness, ...

The tea bowl is one of equipment for making tasty matcha tea.

Please choose tea bowls suitable for this purpose.


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