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How to make 松風 (Shofu)

Shofu has been made in Kyoto since 1570's, and is familiar in tea ceremony.


Molasses or dark muscovado 145 g

Salt 1 - 2 g

Hot water 100 mL

Cake flour 160 g

Baking soda 3 g

Egg white 2 pieces

Sugar 30 g


  1. Mix unrefined sugar, salt and hot water well, and wait until it cool down.

  2. Sieve cake flour and baking soda, and into 1, and mix well.

  3. Whip egg white and sugar about 50-%.

  4. Put 3 into 2, and mix well.

  5. Pour 4 into mold, and bake in the oven at 160℃ for 20 min.

  6. Cut into small pieces.


  • Standard Shofu contains white soybean paste. In this recipe, unrefined sugar is used instead of white soybean paste.

  • If you want, please sprinkle sesame seed or poppy seed (more suitable) at procedure 5.

  • Please adjust the total amount of sugar to your liking.



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