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おおよそのサイズは、軸先から軸先まで 49.5 cm、高さ 98.5 cm。



Approximate size is 49.5 cm from tip to tip and 98.5 cm high.

It has a Rikyu dokyoku (poem by Rikyu) in the calligraphy of former Daitoku, Zen priest Nishigaki Taido. It can be used in any season.

The haging scroll is made by Pappie, a picture framer workshop. I can also take orders for your favorite scroll.

4-1 掛軸 利休道歌 前大徳 大道賛 未使用品

  • 本品1点のみです。別途、消費税と送料がかかります。

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