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Tea bowl 2

The 13th Iemoto of Omotesenke, 即中斎(そくちゅうさい, Sokutyu-sai), described that

“Good tea bowl is easy to make and drink matcha tea, and has beautiful shape and shade, and match with other utensils and also its character is outlined by other utensils, when it is used concretely. Even if the tea bowl is quite beautiful and expensive, if it is too big and heavy, and difficult to handle, make and drink matcha tea, it is totally worthless. The 3rd Iemoto, 宗旦(そうたん, Soutan), who understood and lived in Rikyu’s wabi-cha wrote to his son who was the 4th Iemoto, 江岑(こうしん, Koushin), that Rikyu hated to knowing the utensils’ histories.”

.黒楽茶碗(くろらくぢゃわん, kuro raku jyawan) ノンコウ(のんこう, non kou) 作(さく, saku; made) 銘(めい, mei; name)「稲妻(いなづま, ina zuma)」 

This is the masterpiece of 3rd of Raku family, 道入(どうにゅう, dou nyu). ノンコウ was his nickname. Red glazes run from middle to bottom of the tea bowl, and they were looked like 稲妻 (lightning), so the name of this tea bowl might be稲妻

.黒楽茶碗 長次郎(ちょうじろう, cho jirou)作 銘「禿(かむろ, kamuro)」 

It was made by the 1st of Raku family, to order from Rikyu. Because Rikyu treasured it and places it at close quarter, it seemed to be禿, it was given the name 禿.

即中斎 said that “at making matcha tea, 稲妻 is easier than 禿.

稲妻 is used in 茶事 of succeeding to the name of Omotesenke’s.

禿 is used in 茶事 of anniversary of Rikyu’s death.

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